Need ink male characters for story

I need male characters for my new story so if you’re interested please fill out this form

if that link doesn’t work try this one below

The link isn’t working for me

Edit: thanks :heart:

I have to change the name you picked because I already have a ross

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and you already submitted that character yesterday or two days ago I think

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Okie I can submit one I never used if you want :thinking:

if you have lots of ink male character details I would appreciate it if you share some with me since I’m trying to get as many characters as I can

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Okie I got it :sweat_smile: give me a minute and I’ll try to at least 3

ok take your time

It won’t let me it says I already filled out the forms

Submitted :sparkling_heart:

close the tab and reload it I’ll try to see what’s going on

you can try now