Need some art for my story

Hello I am looking for somebody to do art for me… The art will be in ink…I need one art to have one character in the other art to have the other character… If you can do it I will give you credit in my story…

Does in need to be drawn? Or can we use the actual character? I will see what I can do either way.

I need it to be drawn …

I’ve been looking for the exact same thing for free

It’s very difficult :frowning:

@Hannahnevin & @Episode.Amy go to lilacs art shop 2.0 :purple_heart:. Will the artists are very good I can’t draw at all or I would help you :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve messaged a few people on IG I’m still waiting for a reply back from some of them

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Alright, there are good amount of art shops on the forums. If you don’t need it drawn I can help you. If not, I hope you get the art scene you need :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I do and I need it to be perfect :ok_hand:t2:

I need my characters looking like professionally done but for free as I cannot pay :weary:

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Thank u

Sorry 😢😥
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It’s ok :ok_hand:t2:

Talking about it helps destress the fact that everyone either can’t or won’t help us yet


Yes :heart::heart: I agree… I want the art to be in the beginning of my story … So what I’m trying to do is match the art that going at the end of the story…

It’s ok :grin:

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I’m new and still learning …

That’s what I’m doing to

Although I am also looking for somebody committed to staying from start to end

I found someone but they charge… If I have to go that route I will…

I’m not new,

I’m just starting to gain enough confidence to publish without feeling like a failure all the time

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Mine is almost done and then I can publish… It took me a while to learn the coding…

My friend pays for art but I cannot afford to and my parents don’t want me giving out my details

So I am always asking around everybody who is free on IG and in a style I want my characters in

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Yea me 2 … I have a lot of artist on my ig… But they all charge …I don’t blame them in scare to give out my information… I would buy a prepaid card and do it that way…