Need translators!

Hello! I need Frence and Spanish cause I want that reader can choose which language

Thank you
Lot’s of Love


That’s really good idea! I mean choosing language


I’m learning French although I’m not super confident despite knowing much (and I haven’t had anyone to practice with except immerse myself in the language at home so kinda self-taught) :sweat: Maybe @kimballet can help?

My friend @Maria.StoryWritter knows Spanish although she’s on break. Perhaps she may help if she comes back on Episode early?


i can help for this ! ( i’m french)

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I can be a Spanish translator


Im fluent in French and learning Spanish

Você é realmente fluente em todos esses idiomas? Ou você só quer atenção (não tentando ser rude)

I’m fluent in French, and I’m taking classes to learn French grammar, reading, and writing. I am learning Spanish, however I don’t think I’m good enough to translate Spanish, but I can help with French.

I can help I’m French (Canadian to be more precise :sweat_smile: ) and I know a bit of spanish, but only basic stuff.