New Animation Suggestions

Hey guys, I’m making this topic to see if anyone has any suggestions for new animations. You can suggest some entirely new ones or provide screenshots from Episode Official stories that use an animation that was never seen before in the writer’s portal.

Also please tag anyone that is capable of passing this to the team!

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I would love more options for sitting and laying down because these are so so restricted. Maybe some more pregnancy and baby ones too🤷🏻‍♀️


some more gun animations было бы здорово

There is a whole section for animation suggestions; just follow the rules, and you can make a thread for each animation you would like to see. Episode Team likely will not go through another generic thread with “multiple” animation suggestions, so it’s better to keep it where and how it should be.

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Hey bestie,

I actually would love to see some INK-animations in LL-style (for example: the fasthop-animation for INK-female characters). Or a sit-drink-animation (you only have an eating animation while sitting, that’s really disturbing and weird to me. :sweat_smile: ) And I would love to see a real standing confusion-animation (weird that we only can use the slapface-receive animation to show confusion to a character.)

Love A-W