New co writer for thriller


Ok i would like a new co write for this story i would like to work on called Stalker it will be about a 16 year high school sophomore boy… Let’s call him Danny, he lives with his 22 year old big sister named Bailey… There will be a 17 year old junior girl named Jaime and a 18 year old senior girl named Jacky… Either Jacky or Jaime are not who they seem… anyone want to help out? please?? i am in a new account and am brand new to this


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ok im sorry where can i find it??


OK i found it thank you


Welcome to episode forums what do you need help with?


can i find a co writer for a thriller?


yes but i think you should write what you need help with in the title


i would like to write a story about a high school boy that get’s stalked by a older girl


i mean what your co writer has to be good at like coding spot directing choices branches and etc


where do i find one?


i am brand new and need lots and lots of help


I could help


Ok i want to create a thriller that i will call stalker it will be about a boy who is a sophomore in high school he lives with his sister and just transfers to this school he meets 2 new girls the first day there and one of them is not who they seem


Pm me


And I can help you


i have finished ep 3 so you wanna check it out


The ending is great but i am going to add some dialogue between the cop and the sister between when Lacey and Danny are watching the movie because each story needs 400 lines of text before the episode gets published


I will do that tomorrow morning