New cover needed!


I’m thinking about changing my cover art and was wanting possibly an actual art scene made (actual drawn art) Any suggestions or anyone who wants to give it a try?!


Like, a cover drawn as an art scene? Or art scene AND cover? Cuz I can do the cover for you.


Could you do one for me too?


Haha, sure. PM me the details. Examples of my work are here: 🎨 Angelina's Art Shop! Covers, Banners, Splashes, and Profile Pictures!


How do I PM you? Do You have a gmail?


You click on my profile pic, then click message, then It’s obvious from there.


ok thank you.
I’m sorry if i’m annoying because i just figured out I could get my own profile on forums lol


I’m wanting drawn art but could you possibly make me a to be continues one?! I can pm you how I’m wanting it!


Ok sure! Any you’re not annoying, @TeamFennekinYT


Thank you. My friends think I’m annoying.
I just PM’d you the details