New story creator

Ok so I’m new to making episode stories. I’ve created my script and characters. I’m still wondering what to do with the plot though.… If anyone is open to help script it would help a lot!

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hi I’m goth b I like to write I can help if you want :smile:

what kind of characters and script do u have? That might help out as a starting point!

The MC is new to college and she’s in a new city without her family. She lived with neglectful/toxic parents. (Not abused or anything). While away from her parents she meets one LI. There’s two. She gets to know him and he introduces him to his friend. Both LI are best friends. She late falls for them both, and I’m the end only one of them end up together

Omg Tysm!!! Do you have insta or some way we could communicate?

That sounds really good but I can see you’ve already got some help so good luck!!

I would still appreciate any help I could get :slight_smile: :heart:

Okay! What exactly is it you’re needing help with :blush: just making sure!