New story! doing a read for read too

Please check out my new story on episode.

It would be really helpful, Thanks. X
It’s about a girl rebelling against her parents who goes off to New York to pursue her dreams and career unaware of the secrets that will unravel throughout her journey. She also develops a love-hate relationship with someone.
Please do give it a try and if you’d like I’ll give your story a read too.


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Thank you for informing me.

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You’re welcome! :grin:

I want to a r4r, do you have maybe instagram?
The Title: Dirty Little Secret
Author Name : Anongirl
Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
Description : Briella Hart, a native Californian new girl in town, finds herself stuck in detention after crossing paths with hall monitor, Grayson Sanders. It’s time for payback!
Episodes : 8
Link :
Cover :

Send me screenshot from my story and then I’ll start reading yours and send you the screenshots

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I’ll try today to read your chapters :slight_smile:

ok thanks

Here is mine. I hope you enjoy, if you have the chance of reading it. I will get back to you once I am done reading yours (I will PM you).

BIO/BLURB: Safiyyah, a mother to be, struggles to suppress the secrets and deceptions she had willing to bury six feet deep. Enter a hectic ride of which four words could provoke utter chaos.
CUSTOMISATION: Yes, but as a side character (as well as choosing the gender and look of your significant other)

once you PM I’ll start reading yours :blush:is that okay?

yes, ofc!

thank you so much.

I will read your stories if you read mine and send me screen shots.
Title: Just Another Day
Author: Annswrites
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 3(more coming!)
CC: Yes
Style: Limelight
Description: A girl rebelling against her parents goes off to New York City to pursue her dreams unaware of the things she is going to encounter.
Thank You! :blush:


Title: Sunny
Chapters: 4 (more coming sooooon)
Desc.: When Catrina moves from Cali to a small town, she meets Carter. How will she navigate annoying best friends, crazy older brothers, secret relationships, and high school?
Cover: 16%20AM


I will start reading your story and send screen shots after you have read mine and send me screen shots. Is that okay?

Hi! :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting this thread. If you agree I’ll do a r4r. I will send you SS when I’m finished.

Here is my story info:

Title: Dark Essence
Episode: 6
Genre: fantasy
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @tldax913.episode
Description: Kadi & Dani have always kept their true selves hidden.But what happens when they discover the truth about their Dark Essence.Will the secrets hidden beneath the lies destroy them? (Point system that will lead to two endings and Limited CC)



Sure. Send me screenshots and then I will get started with yours. Is that okay?

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Thank you! Sounds good. :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

Heya i can do r4r with you here’s mine

Insta: chocolipsa