No name customization

I was thinking about making a story without name customization. How do people feel about that? It’s only because I don’t want one of the side characters to be the actual readers name. Am I over thinking?

There are many stories that don’t let the reader choose the MCs name your totally fine!


Hi, I see you’ve made a few posts seemingly worrying about what people think of YOUR unique stories. It’s pretty easy to forget that you’re the author and in charge of your story, not the reader. Of course, it’s nice for readers to have input, but they’re reading YOUR story. YOUR characters. Try not to worry about what others think and just let your own creativity flow.

Tip: You can always give the reader an option to choose the character’s name if you really want, but tell them to type the name you chose if they want to. Example:

What’s your name? If you’d like to keep the default name, type in (the name the author has chosen)
input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)


Yeah that’s totally fine! I prefer it honestly as my name while not common spelled the way mine is, I have ran into the same name as other characters problem haha. Like my name is the same as the love interest…super bizzare :woozy_face:

You can also make it so the reader can’t choose certain names if that speaks to you more- but no name customization is good too!

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Thank you so much. All your replies have helped!!

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You could also have the reader customize every episode or two so they can change their name again but that’s up to you!

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I say do it! I don’t think it’ll be a huge issue.

If you decide not to, you can always set it so if a reader types in that name it won’t be allowed. Here’s a rough example, you can obviously change wording and such:

label name
What is your name?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

if “(the name you don’t want them to use)” {
Sorry, but a side character already has this name
Please choose again

goto name}

else {


Thank u so much!!!