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MUST CREDIT ME QueenMilii_Episode

Hiya Papyas, or as I’d like to say, Heyo Tomatoes!
This thread is for almost everything!
I want to be as much help to the Episode Community as possible!
I Can Make:
Cover Art (Not the Fancy Drawing Ones)
Splashes (Tho I’m not a huge fan of them)
Create Overlays
And I can even proofread if you send me the script on my email:

Follow me on insta @QueenMilii_Episode
(Also just recently made a new account dedicated to backgrounds!):purple_heart::purple_heart:


Do you do background edits?


It depends.


Do you think you can do this?


Yeah I’ll try!


Can I sees examples


My Splashes Are Different From Most People’s…


I swear I seen this splash before…


I made these a month ago