Obraryce School Of Witchcraft ~Discussion~


(forget the pic)
Here we chat all we want, about Obraryce, and other things. We can get to know each other here too, and ORP is allowed. Or announcements.

@Kate_Potter , @RawrFlurry, @Epi.Sympatics, @HermanEpisode, @Mimi0829, @taliaa

Let’s talk!

FCS: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/144C_fFQ_wVG4oR1I109IyQ3Y7JVOjsz6iwJXIUt_fh8/edit?usp=sharing


Your pfp keeps changing, lol I like this one tho


Yeah, my pfp keeps changing cause i’m still wondering which one I’d like, and thanks :sunny:


@RawrFlurry you can rp


I prolly could, sad part is I’ve only RPed once before so I’m inexperienced, lol I’m just waiting for someone to start cos I’m terrified


I just started gal



Uh so… where are the fcs?


So, the faceclaims are here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/144C_fFQ_wVG4oR1I109IyQ3Y7JVOjsz6iwJXIUt_fh8/edit?usp=sharing


There is also fcs at the signups, there is a link.


is anyone approachable?