[OPEN] KylieJay’s Outfit Shop!👀🌸

This is so true! I hate how there is maybe like one-three male assets in each update

Just out of curiosity, do you make background characters too? I just need help creating some :rofl:

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Well they’ve said about planning something bigger for males which is why they don’t get crap right…but hopefully this “surprise” comes soon :joy:

Yeah I can make characters! Just let me know how many you’d like, and like a male to female ratio, if you want elderly, kids etc. And I’ll make outfits for them as well :blush:


Thank you!

Do you think you can make me some Greek god characters? These are basically the only ones I need!

  • Artemis
  • Athena
  • Hera
  • Persephone
  • Demeter
  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Hades
  • Hermes
  • Apollo
  • Ares

Ooohh yes I’d love to! :heart_eyes: one last quick question before I start, would you like them created as they’re typically believed to look like, or just a diverse cast with outfits that resemble their characteristics? If that makes sense lol

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Haha that does make sense!

Honestly, I’d love for them to have aspects of what they are suppose to look like, but you can also make them more diverse if that makes sense? Like I know that Athena and Artemis are suppose to have silver eyes, but that they can be different ethnicities as well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Heh yes that makes sense as well, sounds good! :grin:


Thank you! I cannot wait to add these characters into the story! :grin:

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Hey! I just wanna make sure my request isn’t overwhelming you!

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Lol honestly I did get a little overwhelmed! :joy: but only because I was trying to keep them diverse, while also including some of their characteristics (that I could find). I never realized just how similarly described all the gods and goddesses are physically?? Like the only real difference might be their hair color… if that lol

The outfit part was super tricky, especially for the men :grimacing: cough cough Episode lol

So here’s what I have, I don’t mind if you want to change any of their details or clothes :blush:


Athletic, copper 9
Arched medium, black dark
Dreads long loose bun, black dark
Male deep sunken, hazel dark
Chiseled angular stubble
Aquiline medium
Full flat top pouty, brown neutral


Generic, ash 0
Arched medium, black jet
Long tapered widows peak, blue black
Mono lid slender, blue deep
Square sculpted cleft chin
Roman straight broad
Medium heart, pink peach lt gloss


Generic, rose 2
Round thin, strawberry blonde
Side part wavy tousled, strawberry blonde
Deepest downturned, blue aqua
Square jaw, hooked Grecian
Medium straight natural, pink peach medium gloss


Generic, neutral 6
Furrowed straight s, dark brown
Curly braids, cool dark brown
Deepest heavy lid, brown black
Square sculpted
Round broad
Full lower lip sharp, neutral medium nude gloss


Athletic, neutral 6
Arched thin high, black dark
Braided bun, brown black
Deepest downturns, Grey cool
Heart soft
Round button upturned
Full round pouty, rose medium nude gloss


Generic, neutral 3
Arched natural scar, black dark
Long double Dutch braids, black dark
Heavy lidded upturned, grey cool
Square defined
Round button
Medium heart natural, rose light nude gloss


Generic, gold 1
Arched short, light brown
Updo curly long, light brown
Round medium, blue green
Round broad
Full heart pouty, pink peach medium gloss


Generic, rose 0
Arched thin, deep brown
Long down wavy princess braid, platinum white (auburn brown in underworld)
Generic, ice blue (brown dark in the underworld)
Heart soft
Defined natural
Small Heart, pink warm gloss


Soft, rose 2
Straight medium, medium warm brown
Side swept updo long, blonde medium
Deepest almond, hazel
Heart mature
Grecian soft
Heart shaped pout, pink beige gloss


Athletic, neutral 2
Arched soft, gray
Long wavy blowout, platinum ice
Deepest downturned lidded, hazel
Triangle chiseled scruffy beard
Grecian narrow
Medium straight natural, pink peach medium gloss


Athletic, neutral 4
Furrowed raised s, black jet
Long wavy parted, black jet
Delicate almond, green emerald
Triangle chiseled scruffy beard
Straight pointed
Medium straight natural, beige gold matte

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They are all perfect! Thank you so much!

I am so sorry this overwhelmed you, but I sincerely appreciate you helping me out. It means so much to me honestly. - I am fixing up a couple of their looks to matche the story aesthetic (as in skin color and such), but I will be using your characters for the most part (like the details and outfits!)

And yes, Episode this is a call to action for y’all to give our males some more attention…

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Spectacular outfits!

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You’re welcome!!

And it’s okay haha it was fun to work on anyways! And that’s fine, I’m glad I was able to help you at least get a general idea for each of them :heart::heart:

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi kylie jay can i get 3 girl summer outfit and 3 bot summer outfit and can you make it kinda match and i will credit you

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Sure! Can you please fill out my form so I have a more clear idea as to what you’re looking for? :slightly_smiling_face:


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