🤨 overlays won't show 🤨

very confused on why these won’t show??? they used to, before. here’s the script:

Specify the zone you want the overlay in:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to xxx xxx in zone x

there’s only one zone

On the website portal or the app?

what do you mean? the background has 1 zone in total

Sorry, I meant where are you trying to view the overlays. The website or the app?

i’ve tried both

You forgot the opacity command for overlay PLAYBUTTON_PIXELS

Other than that I’m not sure what the problem is.

it’s supposed to be gone.
but yeah… idk what i did wrong

line 23… can you try just that line:

@overlay BLACKJET create

wdym? what would it do?

like instead of & do @. It’s happened to be before, and for some reason doing it would work sometimes. It’s weird but just thought I’d suggest

thank u, but it’s not that. i’ve sent a ticket bc i honestly don’t know

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all right good luck!

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I don’t know if this is the issue, but you are scaling some your overlays to 0.00#, which will make them extremely small and practically invisible.

dw, it’s not that either. but thank u

had a suspicion and decided to try it - it was the background.