Parts of Scene are skipped

Idk what’s going on but the end of my scene won’t show.

After clicking what Naomi last says it skips to the next background without finishing the last of the commands. This is for the contest so i appreciate quick and fast help please

Can you post a screenshot of the script? :thinking:


Change the & to @ in &NAOMI exits right

don’t use the & symbol

be careful on the line where naomi is eat_cupcake:
&NAOMI stands screen center AND NAOMI is eat_cupcake

Naomi it’s write as NOAMI and the AND need to be in caps

It doesn’t matter if you write it like this: and or AND :wink:

i can write and anyhow

this comes up and im confused what to do :confused:

You must’ve misspelled your character’s name


Is your character NAOMI or NOAMI?

1st one

you put Noami instead of Naomi, so on that pop up, select “correct to” and find Naomi, and it should change it.

where? because if i can change it i dont need to do replace any character right

You wrote NOAMI on the line where she eats the cupcake

On the line where she eats the cupcake

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thank you guys so much 4 helping!

You’re welcome :wink:

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