POLL: Number of Chapters

I have a poll for you all.
Generally, how long are the Episode stories you read? How many chapters do you generally like in a story? (I know, I know, depends on the story.)

  • Under 10 Chapters / Episodes
  • 10-15 Chapters / Episodes
  • 20-30 Chapters / Episodes
  • 35-50 Chapters / Episodes
  • 60-100 Chapters / Episodes
  • 100+ Chapters / Episodes
  • Other! (Comment below)

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I won’t lie. I like stories that have a lot of chapters because I can binge, but I never read pass 23 chapters. But as you mentioned. It depends on the story.

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I want the story to be the length it is. most I read has not been completed.

I dont care how many chapters there is. but I really hate when they creat drama fights over nothing just to add a couple of more chapters


I agree. Most people just extend the character’s problems, repeat the same thing or add unnecessary drama.


20 to 30 chapters is the sweet spot for a lot of stories, I’ve noticed.

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