POLL | What type of things do you like?

  • Art scenes
  • No art scenes
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  • Choices that matter
  • Simple choices
  • No choices
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  • Point system
  • No point system
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  • Full cc
  • Limited cc
  • No cc
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  • Multiple endings
  • One ending
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  • Multiple love interests
  • One love interest
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  • Being able to name the mc
  • Having a set name for the mc
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  • Mini games
  • No mini games
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Possibly unpopular opinion: I would rather be able to change only a little bit of the characters’ appearances and have full control over character names than have full CC of the MC, the LIs, and the family. I had to stop reading a story altogether just because the love interest had the same name as my brother- even though the plot of the story seemed pretty interesting. I just couldn’t read a story where the narrator kept speaking in the second person and talking about the reader falling in love with a guy with the same name as my brother. It was a gross experience.

I haven’t written any love interests yet, but when/if I do, I want the reader to be able to name their love interest so they don’t have to feel the icky feeling of reading about a love interest with the same name as a relative.


Thank you for your support! And I’d also feel icky reading about someone with my brothers name, so I totally get you :sob:

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I love to be able to fully CC the main character, I also love it when there’s only one love interest because it keeps the confusion out of it. Simply meaning I get attached to both and then I have to break one of the hearts and then it’s just sad.


Yeah, I agree!!