Preview Not Working?

Is it just me or is the Preview button not working if you have a background in review? Is this happening to you as well or not. Let me know.

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It’s sooooooooo annoying right

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Yeah…I’m getting a background and stuff made because I have like, no artistic skill whatsoever, and now I’m kind of on the fence about whether to really add it. Because I really want to publish my story. UUUUUGGGHHH!

I wish they made it so we could preview it. Like before.

Yeah. i don’t know if it still works if you read it on the app or not

You can read it on the app

oh well I’m glad. I just doing a ticket atm.

Mine seems to be okay.

Do you have anything in review in your story?

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I don’t think so, that’s probably why. They’ve already been approved.

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Only if you have something in review does it do it

That makes sense. Hopefully they fix it soon for everyones sake.

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Moved to Report a Bug Writer’s Portal. :wink: Closing since this I’m rerouting all discussion of this issue back to Episode...WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! :smiley: