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Hello there!

:star_struck:I’ve used Episode for years now and I saw many beautiful stories including special art scenes with big illustrations that people can unlock by making certain choices for example.
As a digital artist, I’m here to tell you that I’d be thrilled to do your cover art or those special art scenes for your stories! And you can count on me to read it too.
I’ve already worked for some episode authors and enjoyed every project!
Since it’s my job, it’s not for free, I think it’s best for me to write it down even though it should be obvious.
I can do 2D cartoon-like styles or more elaborated things as semi-realistical portraits and so on.
My art style can vary according to your tastes and liking, so feel free to send me a message if you’d like to give a bonus to your wonderful story!
Also, if you don’t have enough to pay for commission, feel free to follow my Instagram account. Support, comments and shares are as much important as payed commissions for digital artists!
And sometimes I launch contests so, maybe you’ll be able to win something someday!:relaxed:
I hope to hear from you very soon and I wish you all, readers and writers, the best in your journey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Find me on Instagram (where you can see ALL of my artworks including Episode-related ones) : [*lapetiteartiste*/ (La Petite Artiste ✎ (@_lapetiteartiste_) • Instagram photos and videos)

DEVIANT ART (where you can download my art in high resolution to print at home or for personal use as wallpaper or else that’s PRIVATE-NON PROFIT)
LPACreations - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

ETSY (where you can buy prints of my art accessories and more) : ETSY

KO-FI (where you can send me a little something of your choice for support) :

Here are some examples of my work :


Hi, I love your work, I was wondering if I’d be able to commission a large and small cover as well as like a title screen for my story that’s drawn semi realistic, what are your rates?


Hello, first of all ; thank you very much. I’d be very glad to illustrate your story but I can’t give prices without knowing about what is precisely required so I invite you to contact me either through instagram private message or email to discuss about your project.
Here’s my instagram link :
And here’s my email :
Have a nice day ! :smiling_face:

Hi thank you so much! I’ve found an artist to make it for me already I’m sorry thank you so much though, I really appreciate you, if I need any artwork in the future is it ok for me to contact you?

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Of course, anytime. :slight_smile:

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