Proofreading Thread

There’s so many new writers - if anyone needs some story proofreading, I’m available to help.

(Shameless plugs also welcome, though I do already have some R4Rs on my to-do list. The story below is my own, three chapters.)

I will

@Aralina hey girl :kiss:… Can u please proof read my story??

Sure :slight_smile:

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When u want to read??

If you can send me the link (or script/whatever you need proofread), I’ll get started as soon as I can (though it might take a couple days because I do have school). :slight_smile:

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I also have college… That’s why it’s so urgent for me​:sob:… Btw this is my story link :point_down:

Love Together be with you never

Do you need it proofread by a specific date?

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How many chapters u r wanting to read?

I can proofread all of them, if you’d like.

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That would be great… I’ll become acknowledged of my mistakes :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

U can start by today… Everyday one chapter… What do u say?? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

That sounds good. :slight_smile: I’ll start a dm with you to send the feedback as I go.

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Yeah… That would be great​:+1::+1:

And what tym is it in your country?

It’s currently almost 7:40 pm here.

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Oh… N in my country its 4:37 am… Lmao😂