Queen Miliani's Official Art Thread♛ GOOGLE FORM ONLY!



Yes, that is fine with me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay. I just wanted to make sure. Of course, I’ll give you credit for the background :slight_smile:


I’ll get right on it!


Oh you angel thank you so so much!


Wanted to let everyone know, the 14-18th I’lol be taking minimum requests! Maybe only 3 per day! I will finish all requests on my list today. Thanks everyone! I kinda need a break getting ready for school, uploading more of my own backgrounds, writing my thriller story, and to try making episode digital art! So you might see me hanging around on forums, but that’s mostly it. After the 18th I’ll have only 2 days before school starts again, and I’ll complete every request that couldn’t be accepted! I will most likely close my requests when school starts and open them back up on any three-day vacation!





That’s GORGEOUS! Thank you so much <3




Can I make two more requests? A pink entry hall and a pink closet?


and the shower isn’t png


The overlay? And yes!




It does say png now!


can you do an overlay of the words Hale Huna and Anonymous Author

I want them to look magical and colorful because my story is a fantasy


I will try!




Do you know when it’ll be done?

I'll be off, but I will finish before I go! 😉

Tomorrow max!


@kennedy11 I can’t make the aquarium background, because the app I use to create backgrounds hasn’t released pets of any sorts! I’m so sorry but I’ll do your closet and entry!


of course