Question about making your characters run fast

How do I make my character run fast

She’s going slow as hell, and I just want her to slide, how do I do that?

If you want her to go quicker just type the command like this x

@ BROOKE walks to spot 1.280 -52 -2 in # in zone 1 AND BROOK is Insert animation

So if you want her to walk slow put “walks to spot spot numbers here in 6”
If you want her to walk fast put “walks to spot Spot numbers here in insert number how fast You would like the character to go

You can also do 0.2 and 4.5 and other decimals too x


The higher the number, the slower they will go. Try a smaller number


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You added my typo :grimacing:

Whoops, lol

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Hope that helps :relaxed: the number is in seconds, so you were telling her to take 10 to get there

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The zone number needs to go before the time.

@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in T

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Thank you so much

I have another question
What is wrong with this script?

The format scale x y is only used when your adding the overlay next to the background name.

If you’re using overlay commands, then it should be in this format:

@overlay RED COP LIGHT scales to 0.528 0.528
@overlay RED COP LIGHT shifts to -32 182

What about the opacity?

The opacity command you have is correct. You don’t need to fix it.

Okay, thank you :heart:

Strangly my overlay won’t appear

Did you “create” it?
@overlay RED COP LIGHT create

Is it in the correct zone?
@overlay RED COP LIGHT shifts to -32 182 in zone #

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