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Yes I previewed it on the app and it appeared for like 1 sec and then it disappeared again. It’s the same with the web previewer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes I did that. It appeared for like a second and then disappeared again.

Hmm. Must be a glitch :grimacing: I’ve not worked with LL so I’m not sure what’s happening :thinking:

Send a ticket I’m not sure either.

Yeah maybe a glitch. But anyways thanks for trying to help :relaxed:. Appreciate it!

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You try on a different webpage? Like google chrome or something. Like logout and login

Well I’m only using google chrome. I tried to logout and login again but it didn’t make any difference.

I suggest Joseph Evans. When I was first starting out, he helped me learn how to direct.

Thank you for helping me @Jade.epi :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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How to take a girl in boys arm??

You need to use arm overlays for that and a fair bit of directing :slight_smile:

Can you define me more information like where should i go or find this? Cause there is only slow dance where they can dance slowly in arms but nothing about arm :neutral_face:

On Instagram there are artists that make these arm overlays @viasvitae @shara.stories and @surly are three that I use. Viasvitae has examples and templates on how to use them. Takes a lot of practice and patience lol! You can also use the hug animations however it won’t look like the character is actually holding them.

What is this animation?

Can be used for both Male and female :slight_smile:
edit this animation won’t turn green on the portal as it’s still classed as a ‘hidden’ animation but it will work :slight_smile:

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hey everyone. does episode suppose to have a script template in the library where we write and has a crowd script template? i read the guides and there were suppose to be there but it doesn’t appear in me. does anyone also like this? if so, can you please tell me where i can get a crowd/extras script template because i didn’t want to make all of those extras, it would take a long time :frowning:

You can find script templates here. On the right hand side of your script :slight_smile:

is that ink or limelight? i think limelight doesn’t have it :frowning:

How do I make my characters leave at the same time?


@CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER1 exits left

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