🌈 RAINBOW ART SHOP (FREE/OPEN )🌈 [character cards,story cards,drawn and edited pfp ,covers,splashes,text overlays,bannersand many more]

Hey I was wondering if anyone can make a edited cover for me for free ?

Hey I noticed that you requested the same thing in the art shop that I’m in. Requesting the same thing in another art shop is considered thread hopping. The only time you can request from a different shop is if the artist you wanted in a previous shop delcined your request or were never accepted in that shop.


I’m sorry Ryder14 I thought it would be ok because I am looking for someone who could make a edited story for my friend and she has asked serval people and they have all either accepted then in the middle declined or have all decline so I thought if I go into multiple threads I can get maybe or or 1 working on a edited cover for one story and say if one say sry I’m busy after accepting then I can still have the back up other person . And plus if we got like idk serval more people who could make edited covers for other stories for me / or my friend .

@June_Sinclair please let me know once you’ve started on mine.

Thanks :blush:

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I will! My laptop just had small fall so it’s keypad is glitching. I will try and start on your cover tomorrow. I have few pending requests from Instagram so I need to complete few of them first. But I will keep you updated on your cover.


Thank you.

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