Raven's Art Commisions (OPEN)

Hey everyone. I am planning to start art commisions now after thinking about it for some time. :blush:

Below I will add examples, info about the pricing and an overview of details.

If you want more details/want to commision an art piece, PM me here of DM me on instagram @raven_author



(I only accept GBP through Paypal)

What I can do:

  • Art Scenes
  • Large/Small Covers
  • PFP’s

What I don’t do:

  • Complex Backgrounds
  • Edits

(More info of what I don’t do available on my price sheet).


As of now, I am able to complete one artwork at a time. However, in the future I will be able to work on multiple at a time.


  • Before I start the sketch, we will discuss the pose, characters, clothes, background etc.
  • Before I begin the sketch, I will request to be paid the full amount.
  • I will show you the sketch and ensure you are satisfied with it (if you want anything changed I will get that done)
  • Once the artwork is completed, I will send it to you via email

Terms and Conditions:

  • You MUST credit me in your story (my instagram is @raven_author) and on social media if you post it on your story/post it to your feed
  • If you want a refund, you will get one during the sketching stage, however, NOT after the full piece is completed

Thank you! :blush: