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My story is called My loco exes. I’ve been working on it for a very very VERY long time and I’ve put a LOT of work and time into it. Whenever you do something like that and put your soul into something, you want people to notice and appreciate your work, right? Well, for me it’s like a waste of time, sorry. But nobody notice my story, I’ve tried so hard and nobody even gives it a try. I swear whenever you start reading it, it will become more interesting the more you read it so please, please, please just give it a try. I love to do this and I’ve finally wrote a good story, if I could say it by my self, it’s hella good, but I feel like even if I love to do this, it’s kind of a waste of time, because nobody even notice my hard work. Thank you, goodbye <3

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I’ll give it a try :sparkling_heart:

I will give it a try after my phone is charged no worries xx

You shouldn’t worry about how many reads you get. I understand how good it feels when people comment. I have my own stories and I absolutely love hearing people say how much they like/love it. But you should make stories because you wanna make it. Not to get reads. Take my advice if you want people to notice, post it everywhere. Tell everyone! Make threads, posts on other people’s threads. Do read for reads. Get your friends to help post it. And eventually, you will get there.

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Thank you so muc. I really love doing this and I get better with time which makes me want to continue but also I want other people to see my hard work. Thank you for your comment <3

Thank you so much<3

Thank you so much <3

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If you need anyone to talk to just message me on here or on IG its mafiastar.episode

It means a lot to me, thank you !:heart:

I’m here whenever you want to talk xx

Are you interested in a read4review ?

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