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Hey there! I just started my first story on episode! Please check it out and I will gladly check yours out! The characters are diverse and the plot is somewhat unique so have at it!.

Title: I Was Gonna Be Their Father
Genre: Horror
Summary: In a world where Humans and Giants live together, follow the creepy story of one biologically-corrupted man’s fight for his ultimate desire - Family.


Check out my new horror story! And tell me yours!

Thanks for starting this thread! The description of your story sounds very intriguing.

I’ll give it a read this weekend and DM you with feedback once I’m finished.

If you would like to do the same here is my story:

Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Style: Ink
Genre: fantasy
Description: Kadence is a powerful essence with a troubled past. Will she be able to embrace her power in time to save her realm or will darkness consume her?
Link: HTTP://
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Thank you! And I will gladly read yours later today!


I will read your story :smile:
Here is mine:

Title: Nocturnal
Author: CrazyCreativeMind
Episodes: 3 (More episodes coming soon)
Genre: Horror
Style: Limelight
Description: It’s been a year since Eli’s sister was taken by soul-devouring demons. Now, they have come back for him and won’t stop until his sanity is lost and his soul is captured.

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Hey, I will read your story’s!
Here is mine:

Titel: dangerous life
Genre: mystery
discription: Hira is a normal girl, before her parents were murdered and she falls in love with a dangerous gangleader!


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I would love to let me know!

Title: Crash and Burn
Author: Isaiah H
Genre: Mystery
Description: When you have to go to school balance your work and social life and figure out who killed your friend. You are about to have a problem.
Cover art (optional40%20PM
Instagram (optional): isaiahwrites_episode


Hey, I would love to do a read for read! I will tell you when I’m done reading your story so you can read mine. Here’s my story:

Story: Both of Us
Author: Zoe King
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Episodes: 14 (ongoing)
Description: Marie thought it was just a trip to Greece… until she was kidnapped by a gang! How will she unearth dangerous secrets and stay alive? You decide!


Heyy, would you like to read my story?

Story name: Plan B
Author: Madalynn
Chapters: 4
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Description: You have a past with prison break planning but now you’ve left that life behind. Until you meet a cocky but charming Braiden Duane, who asks your help. Will you be able to say no?
Instagram: madalynn.episode


I will add it to my list!
Let u know when I read it!


Read it soon on my list!


Hi i’d like to do read 4 read with you, please directly message me on Instagram @fongjoline thank you!


I would love to do a read4read with you.

Titel: Wherever I go
Author: Alisha Sophie
Chapters: 9 (Ongoing)
Genre: Drama
Description: Mia and her twin brother Cody lost everything. They try to get their lives back on track, but it ens in a lot of heartache and drama. Will everything be all right in the end?
Instagram: episode.alishasophie




I’ve JUST published a new story about Greek Gods and Goddesses!



Author Name: Giselle Crescent

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Being the daughter of Zeus isn’t easy. Add responsibilities and your mother having cancer topped on with a forbidden temptation to a boy who can rock your world , literally. CC

Small Cover:

Large Cover:



Hey guys, I’m open for R4R, If anyone interested just DM me.I’m sharing my story link here…Please read it and comment about it…:kissing_heart:
Thank you.
Title: Mistaken Connection
Author: Piku.C
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance
Description: We all done so many wrong things in our life…But what happend when a best thing done by you unknowingly after a big mistake? Would you keep it or just leave it?:wink: CC (HD Art scene’s)
Instagram : @writtenbypiku


Hi there! I just uploaded chapter 4 of my first story! Please check it out and tell me about any horror stories you’ve read or written!

Title: I Was Gonna Be Their Father
Episodes: Four (for now)
Description: In a world where Humans and Giants live together, follow the creepy story of one biologically-corrupted man’s fight for his ultimate desire - Family.



The one that got away

New writer, hope you enjoy!



Title: Shattered
Author: Bridget
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Description: 18 year old Catherine has two boys falling hard for her. But what will happen when her past comes back to haunt her?


Hey @KayBay21! Never read a story about giants on episode, so I’d be glas to do a R4R with you, if you could be interested in my story too :relaxed:

Instagram: @snow_whiteb.episode
Episode profile: Snow_whiteb

Here’s my story:

Title: Reset: love code fail
Author: Snow_whiteb
Genre: Romance
Sub genre: Action, drama, adventure, sci-fi
Style: LimeLight
Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
Story description: You used to live a perfect life, but it was all a lie. Follow Rhea in her search for her real identity, true love and the evil person who’s trying to use her to change the world.

Notes: main character customization available; choices don’t affect the ending, but influence your story experience (sometimes totally different scenaries); the setting is various since you get to travel a lot; the story uses sound; it occasionally contains adult themes and strong language.

Info: If you want to keep updated, have questions or just want to tell me something, use the fanmail or DM me on Instagram. Feedback is really appreciated! Thank you!

Story cover:


I just published my first story ever and I would love to do a R4R

Cover : image

Instagram: @episode.zen
Title: The Princess Project
Author: Zen.zele
Genre: Romance
Description: In exchange for taking care of her sick mother, Sam is chosen by a royal family to marry a playboy prince.What happens in the palace when she begins falling for his brother Carter?
Story Link:

Feedback would be greatly appreciated :heart:


Hey guys :slight_smile:
I’m really looking forward to do R4R with you.<3 It’s very being a new author on episode.
That’s why I think we should help each other out.

My Story:
Author: May Laugh
Title: Story Twins
Instagram: May Laugh
Genre: Romance (and a little comedy, too.)
Style: Ink
Danger. Passion. Love.
The Laugh-Twins are the completly opposites of what you would call normal. Just let yourself be taken to the world of May and Julien - the Trouble Twins.


Send me a screenshot of my story and I will start reading yours as well. I’m looking forward to your storys. <3