Red Hoodless Car Wreck/Damaged OL Needed

Hi All,

Does anybody have a wrecked or damaged red hoodless car overlay?

Really appreciate you guys for help!

Do you need a damaged version of an existing car overlay or do you need an overlay from a background?


I put something together really quickly, I hope it helps^^

Sigma :wolf:

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I already have an OL from @orangeweedie but I am not sure if I could share it over here. Its in a horizontal position. But in case I cannot share that any red hoodless car in a horizontal position would do. Since it would be damaged I think it wont matter much.


Thanks for sharing but I need a burnt version of a hoodless car and in a horizontal view. If you have it. I would appreciate it. :heart:


I can probably create another one once I’m home, it would be very useful if you could tell me all the details you need, though. The fact you needed a horizontal view all along, for example.

On that note - you’re saying hoodless along with the other explanations on how my overlay doesn’t fit. What exactly do you mean with hoodless? Even more metal peeled off than my overlay shows?

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I am using something similar to the below image.
Before image

I want to show the car after it got burned in a blast. So the effects would be blacked out in most of the areas, cracks, and distorted a bit and I like how you have added a bit of spark so that it gives that after-burned visual.

Similar to this -

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Alright, so you want it still burning?
And just to clarify - you don’t mean a car that’s missing its hood (/bonnet, the layer of metal above the engine), you want a roofless car? As in, a cabrio?

How about now?


I absolutely love this! It works. Thanks a bunch!! :blob_hearts: :smiley: :heart_eyes:

I was thinking of adding fire OLs to create that burning effect but you added that!

I really appreciate your time and effort in creating this for my story. Please let me know how may I credit you. :innocent:

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Perfect! :two_hearts:
You’re very welcome - and you don’t need to credit if you don’t want to, I’m just happy to help. If you do want to, just go by my forums name. :wolf:

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Thanks for the help! :blob_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’d like this overlay but could you also give me an overlay of what it looked like before it caught on fire.

Here you go!


Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome!