Remembering Outifts?

Ik this has already been asked before, and I have looked at past threads, but I still cant figure out how to have the character change into the outfit they just chose in the next scene! If, elif, else, I don’t understand! Please help! Here’s the script:

if (OUTFIT is “little bit this little bit that”) {
BRITTNEY changes into BRITTNEY_cute

} elif (OUTFIT is “literally dirty”) {
BRITTNEY changes into BRITTNEY_country

} elif (OUTFIT is “cute i guess”) {
BRITTNEY changes into BRITTNEY_default

} elif (OUTFIT is “author’s stuff”) {
BRITTNEY changes into BRITTNEY_author

} elif {OUTFIT is “snacc attacc”
BRITTNEY changes into BRITTNEY_concert

@cut to zone 2
@transition fade in black in 3
BRITTNEY enters from right to screen right

i had to delete the @ signs so it wouldnt accidently show up with a Episode community member
(i had the @ signs before all the BRITTNEYs)

Where is the error?

That part needs to be “else” by itself

} else {
BRITTNEY changes into BRITTNEY_concert

@Dara.Amarie Thanks! I figured it out! :smile:

Solved and closed. :smiley: