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Hi everyone!

Context: Basically, I’ve made a tappable CC template for a dog before, but I would like to update my template. This is how it looks:

So I need a transparent image of each dog (with a black outline surrounding it plus without a black outline). Essentially, I need two pictures of each dog.

Shiba Inu Red
Siberian Husky Black White
Wolf Black
Wolf Timber
Wolf White

I would love to update my template :blob_sun:
I might request more stuff, idk, I’ll see :see_no_evil: :blob_hearts:

This is a thread where I’ll just be requesting anything I need :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts:

So I will be requesting more stuff. I need the images from portal without the transparent background, for these features:

What I need For Limelight Female


-Round Thick Styled

-Straight Thin


-Over Shoulder Braid Hair Black Pink

-Side Part Curly Asymmetrical Hair Blonde Pink

-Double Braided Buns

-Lemonade Braids

-Locs Updo

-Shoulder Length Curly Hair

-Braided Ponytail Hair Complex Color

-Finger Waves Hair

-Medium Boho Braids

-Updo Craxis

-Updo Large Messy Bun Solid

-Low Pony Pigtails Type3

-Mohawk Locs Short

-Slicked Down Type3 Curls Hair

-Dreads Loose Top Short

-Buzz Cut

-Barrel Roll Locs Updo Solid

-Over Shoulder Locs Hair

-High Bun 4C Long Twists

-Slicked Down Type4 Curls Hair

-Bun Low Sleek

-Updo Wavy Sleek

-Updo Wide Bangs

-Half Up Locs Long Hair

-Side Swept Wavy Long Solid

-Type 3 High Bun Coil Hair

-Type 4 High Puff Hair


-Delicate Almond Falsies

-Heavy Lid Upturned Falsies


-Square Chiseled Cheekbones


-Broad Flat

-Grecian Angular

-Narrow Flared

-Wide Broad Downturned

Help is appreciated, can PM me too :blob_sun:

I might be able to help- also, thanks for submitting your character to my post about needing background characters!

Edit: I’m taking care of the dogs. Just for clarification, you need one full-body (transparent background) image of each dog and one headshot of each dog with a black outline, correct?

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thank you so much, i appreciate u sm :sob: so, I need two headshot images for each dog mentioned above, just one has a black outline and one doesn’t :nerd_face:

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Anyone can help me with making a map :sob: @ to anyone :sob:
Update: I think I’m good for now, but I still need the LL material mentioned above in the first comment for LL female, from the portal with a transparent background :yay:

Since this thread is marked as solved it’s probably gonna close…but I need an overlay of an incoming call (so “incoming call” ol, three separate dots ol) the green/red call buttons (where u can tap to hang up or answer the phone) AND i need a list of contacts with little circles next to the name. I want pictures behind the little circles (I’ll be making these pics on my own and placing them in the BG, behind the open circles). idk if that makes sense but if you can help me, please pm me :sob:

oh yeah, and for the first incoming call one, i need a large hole in the middle where i can put the contact’s image. the green and red buttons/icons would go underneath that.