Resizing OL to Upload

Hi Guyzzz,

Does anybody know what is a good site to resize the OLs so it could be uploaded in the portal?

I have these two phone images by @nellyy.epi that she shared in the forum a while back but they are below the standard episode size so I cant upload them. I have tried multiple free sites that resizes the image but the ones that works they always add a black/white background to the phone or resizes them in verticle (original image is horizontal as shown).
Any advice or anybody could resize them please?

They can be uploaded as overlays, the size for overlays doesn’t matter as long as it’s not over 1mb

But the portal isn’t allowing me to upload them. It says the images are not wide and tall enough. :slightly_frowning_face: :sad_panda:

Your uploading them as backgrounds not overlays, when I tried just now it worked out fine


Oh yes! Silly me!!! :sweat_smile:

Thank you for pointing that out.

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