Review my edit ? (may take 1 request)

Hi, this is an edit I made for an art scene for my new story, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on ways to improve it/ what I could do next time.
I may also take one request IF anyone is interested. :see_no_evil:
My instagram is:



Art for feedback :

Hope you like it <3.
Thanks :))


I don’t have any suggestions, its really good :smile:
Do you think you could possibly make me a cover for my story? I already have one but its absoluely terrible
If you can’t help me its totally ok
Once again, I LOVE your art!! <3

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Cute! Love your style! And your shading is really good! The only pointer I can think of is not putting a highlight over a shadow. I can see the shadow under the light and it looks a little odd.

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that is really good

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Sure i’ll have a go :)) - Do you have Instagram ? – if you do please DM me , @lili_epi, so we can discuss details. <3

sure, I’ll DM you, my username is episodekyra.
thank you! <3