Rewinding the episode

Hi guysss,

A couple of readers told me they have trouble reading chapter 14 of my story. There’s a loop at the end of chapter 14. It brings the readers back to the beginning of the story instead of starting the next episode.

Is there anything I can do or it may be a glitch?

(Not every reader had this problem, so I don’t know if it’s me or Episode).


Hm. Did you do:
goto start_chapter
That command brings you to the start of that chapter

if you’re using goto and there’s still a problem, i would think that it’s an issue with the reader’s device or a problem with their app, in which case there’s not much you can do. if they’re the only reader that has this problem, this is most likely the case. you should tell them to submit a support ticket reporting the issue.

Yeah, two readers told me about it, but this episode has been out for a while. I even tried myself, and it didn’t have a problem with the chapter.

I have a start button for each chapter.

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Hm. Then sorry, I can’t help. @Superpup @Dara.Amarie

then there must be a problem with those readers’ apps. if you tried it and it worked fine then the problem has nothing to do with code and it’s a problem on the readers’ devices. in this case, a support ticket would be the only solution since there’s nothing you can do to fix this problem yourself.