Rotating limb overlays

Hey guys! :blush:
I am testing something for my story and trying to rotate two limb overlays. When I rotate them, they’re in the right place:

However when I rotate them, they’re not as how I expected to rotate. They rotate weird:

I want the thigh to connect to the pelvis while rotating and the leg to connect to the thigh while rotating. Can someone help me please? Here’s my script:

Thx! :blush:

Overlays always change their original position when rotating, for whatever reason but that’s just how it is :woman_shrugging:
Let the overlay rotate, then put it in the right position. Copy that position into your script before the rotating command. That way it’ll stay where you want it to be.

&overlay OL8 shifts to [normal beginning position] in zone 1 in 1
&overlay OL9 shifts to [normal beginning position] in zone 1 in 1
&overlay OL8 shifts to [correct position for rotating] in zone 1 in 0
&overlay OL9 shifts to [correct position for rotating] in zone 1 in 0
&overlay OL8 rotates …
&overlay OL9 rotates …

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hey I know what you mean I’ve already done that. It’s they way that it’s rotating. It rotates in the right spot but it doesn’t rotate as how a normal leg limb moves. I really wish that I can send you a video to see what I mean.

Try playing around with the anchor point maybe? :thinking:

I have :pensive:

Could you possible record the scene? So I know what the issue is? :sweat_smile:

I don’t think they let us send videos here so I’m just gonna try to pm you

How do I pm you?

You have to click on the image (7th icon from left), that says ‘upload’ :slight_smile:


Oh, you’re on a phone :sweat_smile: Well then try to pm it to me, you should be able to do that by clicking on my profile :thinking:

Hello, is this solved or do you still need help?

I still need help!

Sorry I didn’t see this,
May I see how you have it coded for the overlay to be in the scene in the beginning before rotating it?

You can copy and paste it or upload a screenshot.

It’s ok I think I solved the problem now.
Thanks though! :grin:

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Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

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its not for “whatever” reason - its because of the anchor point which is the cdnter of the rotation. :smiley:

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