Searching for a partner with some experience


I’ve been reading a lot of stories on Episode for quite some time now. I’ve got tons of inspiration and imagination, really and every now and then I’m thinking; hé, I could do this better. So why not try it out myself you might ask? Well due to the fact that I currently got alot of stuff to do, I cannot take the time to teach myself how to actually create the story on Episode with all the coding and stuff. I’m sure I could figure it out one day, but why not a little bit help at first?

Things I think are important for creating a story:

  • It should be believable
  • Characters should be realistic as possible (even with magical/supernatural powers).
  • Grammar and spelling is important to me as well, just as a the way you write the story (Show! don’t tell for example).

I’ve got some great stories in my mind (already planning some stuff to start writing); one is actually based on the story of my favourite girlband: Little Mix.

Would you like to help me? Please leave a comment down below and I’ll contact you asap.

XoXo Sarah

I can help you if you want! I’m actually making a story right now!:smiley:

I’m willing to help you too! :blush:

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I could help. If you’re still in need of assistance?

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Thank you all!

@AngelinaTheUnicorn, @EdwardNorton, @janinestories

That’s great! I would like to check out some stuff before collaborating, you may send me a PM with information of how to contact you! I’m gonna be honest with you though, I’ll give everyone a chance and the person that I think fits me and my story best will be the one to eventually write the story with.

Thanks for understanding,
Lots of love, Sarah

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