🎄 Secret Santa 2020 (joining period closed, gifting period begins) 🎄

thank you so much :relieved: nd don’t worry u did good for a first time. i didn’t guess that much cuz i suck at it and get frustrated easily but ty :t_rex:


I don’t think her I made for have even been online

@JoshB I made yours. I am your secret Santa

They’ve been online on Jan 4th, maybe they aren’t getting any notifications from this thread which is strange considering they joined.

And I have talked to them in PM and told them who they will be making a gift for. Aside from getting their details, they haven’t responded ever since. I have also gotten no response from other participants which had made me upset tbh :woozy_face:

Hopefully they do acknowledge that someone made a gift for them because hard work goes into it :heart:

BTW @Lee_ahora.episode I’m unable to reach you, I’m not sure if you are getting my notifications?


Yeah kinda disappointing that I haven’t heard anything, I made 3 characters art work. That takes time. And I am a bit disappointed she haven’t said anything

Also kinda rude she didn’t do her part of the secret Santa.

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I don’t understand?

She means “I don’t think the person I made a secret santa gift for has even been online” I checked however and she had but didn’t respond here, I’m not sure why my notifications aren’t coming to some people, it’s so strange (I would like to think they aren’t ignoring because then that’s just an awful thing to do when someone worked hard on something for you) :thinking:


Hi, I’m really sorry to everyone who took part in this secret santa. I was offline for a really long time for personal reasons (school, stress, ect…) and sorry for ruining this wonderful experience. I should’ve been more responsible and let you know beforehand @JemU776 . I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and ahh I’m really sorry! And thank you @Frey for the gift I really appreciate it! Again, I am so so SO sorry. :pleading_face: :heart:

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