Should i censor these words or?

Should I censor these words?
Type of gun
“What the hell”
Type of drug
The word drug
Drug use
Being shot
Missed a bullet
Drugs (but not using it)


Probably for some of the words. Or at least leave a warning at the beginning of every chapter. As long as a word is within the guidelines it’s up to you whether you handle it responsibly or not. Considering you bothered asking then I’m going to assume you are a decently responsible person so I think you should check the guidelines and for the other words have a strong language warning.


Thank you

so i can use the word drug without censoring it?

I’m not sure there are a few threads addressing what can and cannot be said about topics like that with the new guidelines. I’d assume that it needs to be blurred though I’ll send you the link to a thread discussing the new rules.

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Hopefully this helps :blush:

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I think most of those would be fine. The only one I’m not entirely sure about is the drug use, but you could check on their guidelines just to be safe.

It’s really no bother I’m happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

I would censor the type of drug, but I think the word “drug(s)” should be fine x

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