Should I make the

In my story, I let the characters choose between the two looks of the main character (I am not a fan of customization when writing.)

I was wondering if I should do something similar for the love interest?

  • Let them choose a look for the LI
  • Keep LI original look

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I would personally keep LI original look to avoid additional coding.


If your character’s appearance have an important role in the story, don’t change it for the sake of optional customization. But if you can manage to do the extra coding and/or your character’s appearance doesn’t really matter in terms of storytelling, you can proceed so with the optional appearance.


I wouldn’t say it’s a BIG part but when i make stories i feel like i’m casting for a movie and like characters to look how u envisioned them, even in multiple versions. I do think I can handle the extra coding for the FIRST episode but i might have difficulty with further on cause i’m still getting used to remembering choices


I suggest you write down the choices you’ve already made in either on a document or a sheet of paper so when you have to remember a choice you created from the first chapter, just look at what you wrote and type it into the coding.

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