Silly Question- help!

Hey guys! I’m playing my written story on my iPad and I’ve got to editing chapter 13- now when I press navigation, then episodes, I can’t find episode 13 to start editing it. The screen is full with the rest of the episodes to choose. Any suggestions?

Are you using the mobile editor?

Yes :slight_smile:

I always write the script on my computer and then change things like spot directing, bubbles etc on my iPad and then write it in my computer :slight_smile:

It’s strange that chapter hasn’t show up. This may sound dumb, but are you sure it’s saved?

Yes- it actually just worked now lol - I thought it might be a glitch because I’ve been having some glitch problems lately but its probably just my crappy wifi- lol and thanks for your help!

Oh, it’s good that it works! And no problem. ^^