Sitting characters

If i put a background like this
Can i sit 4 characters at the chair

Or i need to change it or add something else😰

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You would need overlays, so they would be behind the table etc

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Overlays chair??

Yes and the table too, in the other case the characters would be in front of the table

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If i add those overlays my backgrounds would still the same or it will change
Thank you so much for your reply, and help😘

You’re welcome, well personally I would do or find table and chairs overlays and add them to the background without furniture, or else you have to put the overlays at the same place and in the same size as the furniture is now, because it will be still in the background, if you understand

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By the way, I have an overlay thread if you need help creating the overlays! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


if you upload a picture it’s just a picture. that is common knowledge. to have the characters be behind you have to make overlays

here is a video explaining overlays

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Thank you for your help🥰