Skin Color Help!

Does anybody know how I can have the dad have the same skin color as the daughter while using cc?

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Have the dad be in zone 2 when it’s time to customize the MC then go to the skin tone and for every one of them and have the dad also change the skin when they choose the option.
If you don’t understand what I tried to explain feel free to message me or reply to me.

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@DAD changes bodyColor into COLORNAME in the same section of the chosen colour

Edit: and yes as above have the dad stand in zone 2

I was wondering if there was a quicker way I could do this. BTW the dad is “JERMAINE”

little more explanation please.

So, from line 176 to line 197 everything looks good, I don’t think there’s a quicker way to do this, don’t forget to put the dad in zone 2, that way he is in the scene but is not visible.

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thanks for letting me know.

maybe use a template from Dara

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I think there’s templates already done for the family member’s features