Some of these Episode Stories are so messed up


for example one story that’s actually top trending right now is so messed up. There’s a scene when the vampire brother flat out tries to rape the mc and it’s treated like it’s no big deal and the next thing you know she’s friends with him later on. Wtf? Also they suck her blood against her freaking will and that’s sexualized and supposed to be hot or something. What is wrong with some of these stories?


Yikes. That’s why I don’t read anything from the trending section anymore. Of course there are some great stories there as well, but I don’t get why people decide to switch to some crap like this after reading The New Girl by Saige Mercer for example. What is wrong with the readers?!


The trending sections are always full of clichés and craps tho :roll_eyes:


That’s not okay and I hate how people sexualise things like that and therefore make young, impressionable readers think it’s okay.

Rape is disgusting and will never be okay. These authors need to grow up.


God i read that too it really is messed up and i hate most of the guys in the story i tried avoding every guy in that except that anathony guy bc him n mc played games but overall​:x::x::x:


Double yikes


What’s the title? I want to make sure that I don’t read it. And any other stories title that I shouldn’t read.


They should have a warning at the bloody start of the story. What is the name of the story?


Living with the Vampire Brothers?
I haven’t read it, but it’s been number 1 trending for a couple days I think and it seems to have come from nowhere. If it’s that bad, it’ll likely only be a matter of time before Episode reviews it…

The trending section is a scary place :joy:. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great stories in there, but there are also some that I’ve read and been like “how can people read this?”


that’s so dumb. I never read trending stories because first of all, they always have the SAME people trending even though in the description it says “new stories every week” (or does it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) anyways, it’s the same people, the same known people, like episode does realize that there’s actually talented small authors right? and as someone stated above there’s way too many cliché stories like there’s sooo many recycled stories on episode it makes me want to smack somebody. :joy::joy:


They do put a warning how it’s really mature but it’s really terrible how they portray rape and just makes it seem it’s a joke with that kind of warning


Mature doesn’t give anyone the right to glorify rape though…


I absolutely hate stories like this! Rape is so wrong and so are brothels.


My question is why portray it like that in the first place


I know! Im not trying to defend what they did, im just stating that they did do a warning but what they did overall is completely wrong w/ or w/out wanring


I have no idea man. I guess you also have to assume that they’re probably a child and dont know any better (and again, im not defending what they did was okay) it would be better if someone told them that it’s so wrong to do that and hope to god they change it, but idk how Episode works since i’m new here


It genuinely angers me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Chain reaction because it was gritty but it didn’t glorify anything


living with the vampire brothers :nauseated_face:


ikr how am I supposed to find it hot that these creeps suck the mc’s blood against her will like she’s some kind of toy. Like what the hell?


Tbh i was starting to get upset on how distressed the mc was, but then i got mad when they wouldn’t give me the choice to run the fuck away
The guys are such horny dogs i hate it so much and i hate how the author just lets the guys have their way w/her n im like BRUH :hocho::gun: