Sound doesn’t play unless I click off story then re-click to play again

I’m not sure if this has been happened to anyone else but I believe it’s a glitch? Whenever I try to read a story (whether it’s my own story or someone’s else’s story) that has music in it it doesn’t play unless I go back to the home page and re-click the story, but then the music stops again whenever a new scene starts. Sounds play alright during the story but never the music. Any way to fix it? :worried:

Bump :sneezing_face:

This has never happened to me as frequently as it seems to happen for you so I’m not sure what the fix is if there is one. :thinking:
Did you send a support ticket yet though?

That happens to me too. It started happening a few weeks ago and I usually fix it by refreshing Episode (Closing it completely) but it’s only temporary fix. It doesn’t happen very often though, only once in a while

Maybe reinstall the app…?

Not yet because I wanted to see if other people were having the same issue as me, it only currently started after the update for IOS when the fonts became to small to read :sneezing_face:. But I’m going to submit one in today.

I thought I was the only one having this problem :weary: glad to know it’s not just me

Wouldn’t it delete all my stories that I currently have saved to read?

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I’m not sure if you haven’t signed in, but if you have it saves all progress you’ve made. And I have also reinstalled the app a couple of times and that was a solution too

It won’t! You’re signed in the app right? So it shouldn’t remove your story progression.