**Splash contest** 😄


Hi, Episode creators I’m having a … splash contest some people don’t know what a splash is well… this is a splash

Here is the rule

1.It must say To be continued and another splash that says this story uses sound

When you win you will get feautured in my story

Shout on instagram

Even if you don’t win I will still credit you

I will use everyones


May 30 2018

Jayla & Abbey Edits! :sunglasses: -OPEN- *INK & LIMELIGHT*

I have sound splash.


Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Can I use it


Yeah, but credit me @jabbey_edits




Examples of some splashes @Dangrousdiva has created


Thanks :kissing_heart:


I added more and you’re welcome


Another splash.


Dam he looks hot


Here’s a splash I made for my story (well, technically “upcoming” story :sweat_smile:)
It’s nothin’ special, but I thought I’d enter it :eyes:


THX I LOVE IT :heart_eyes:

How should I credit you


You can just credit me @ brooke_episode122 :v:


I decided to give this a try for fun ^-^
the others here are really good!
I’ll try a to be continued one in a few minutes


Thx how should I credit you


could you credit my Episode profile? It’s @Mehek





Thx so much