Stories we're sick and tired of seeing in the trending and featured section



And even if someone has no job or anything, they don’t always need to steal.


They should make a story contest where the stories must be romance free, and make romance free Episode Official stories.


my Latest one has no romance


^^^^^ preach my man, preach!



This prioritising/choosing the bad boy but I would rather see a good, honest, gentlemanly guy (trust me they do exist). Also, it would put me off if a character was a nice guy with an agenda (i.e. is nice in order to sleep with someone) - I find that pretty sickening and more attention to the sweet guys pleasee!


Agreed, the trending stories, editor’s pick etc. almost exclusively contain romance and they really lack diversity


Would love to see some more psychological thrillers on the shelf and I am starting to like music themed stories too!


Oh and yes, diversity gives me sustenance!


Thank you so much @AJ_PELZER!
(Sorry I’m replying 2 weeks later, for some reason I just got the notification 0.o)


Mine has the word ‘teacher’ in the title but it’s not about student-teacher relationships— it’s about her actual career as a teacher.
I seriously can’t stand it when the teaching profession is used as a trope for student-teacher relationships to happen. Can’t a main character be teacher without having a relationship with their students? :frowning:


I want to be a teacher when I get older, so if I ever remember these stories teaching is going to be 'real awkward.

I still can’t believe HOW MANY stories there are of this!


Absolutely :pensive: Teacher-student relationships aren’t something to be normalized. I know many teachers of all ages and never met one who’s ever been attracted to a student, even slightly, or ever stepped out of their boundaries as a teacher. Some of them had students flirt with them but being a teacher also means recognizing and using the authority that you have in a responsible way. And honestly, when you’re a teacher, because of the authority that you need to have, you don’t see your students as romantic interests at all. If you’re really close to them, you might see them all as your own children if you’re much older, or as your little siblings if you’re younger. But to see them as romantic interests is just really odd. It happens, but it’s very rare and specific cases. The authors of those “falling for my teacher” stories don’t seem to understand the job at all, too. It’s just a convenient way for their main character to meet their love interest and add some kind of “forbidden love” to their story.


Also, it’s even WEIRD to see your teacher as a FRIEND.


Honestly Episode just feels like a porn app disguised as a game. They clearly have no morals present. What makes it worse is that there are many readers that are young girls! Some maybe even younger than you might think! Meaning there could be 10 year old girls reading about cheating, kidnapping, sex, dating boys that don’t respect you, and so on. Episode needs to realize that they can actually affect lives, through stories, they have power to either leave a positive or negative affect on their readers. From what I’m seeing it appears to be a negative affect, because I’m not sure about you, but if a little girl is reading about all these vulgar topics, I don’t believe there can be a positive affect. Now this is also a thought I’ve been having, what about boys? Episode constantly portrays boys as bad boys, gang leaders, and god knows what. I’ve been thinking that they’re making boys look bad in a sense. Just think about it, there’s hundreds of stories on Episode, many of them featuring bad boys with no respect. Where are the good guys?! There are millions of great guys in the world however Episode isn’t promoting them. Yes, because I’d love to be with a rude guy that doesn’t respect me over a sweet guy that genuinely cares. How do you think male readers feel to be shown as these monsters? If I were a boy, I wouldn’t like it one bit. Gain some maturity Episode, please.


I saw some of my teachers as friends towards the end of my school years. But the authority they held and the respect I had for them never changed. They can be a friend, just not the same type of friend :sweat_smile:


Yep lol.


UGH! I HATE the makeover stories! The moral of the story is if you have
Hair that’s not long and straight
Wear a bunch of makeup
And skimpy clothes
That you’re ugly. And also they become popular with the boys. It just defines guys using girls for how they look. Then they claim it to be so-called “love”. Yeah right. I don’t even believe in love in the first place. And these stories aren’t helping.


ahem ahem if you don’t believe in love, you haven’t met @kerubiel and I.


Hahahaha im dead!


I hate it when the mc and her friends keep calling each other b____es. Sometimes the author calls the reader that too only because some of the readers are annoying in the fan mail. Then they act like the readers are hungry beasts and that they must be tamed. They will say “Before you kill me, blah blah blah” and they are always saying “Oh there’s some spicy romance to keep you happy!” But it’s forced and I don’t even want the romance in the first place. There are some stories that have a question description, it’s usually ‘When the hot s___ popular bad a__ bad boy moves in, will mc be able to resist his charm?’ And the answer is ALWAYS: No. Mc will not be able to resist his nonexistent charm. She is GURANTEED to fall in love with him, and he will fall in love with her, choices will do nothing, mc will get pregnant (but the baby will never be born before the story ends) and they will marry each other.