Story Ideas?!?!

I am in desperate need of some non-cliche story ideas.

Please Help :slight_smile:

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Hey, do you have any particular genre in mind?

Yes, I am looking for a romance story… oOf

Hmm… It’s kinda hard to come with some new non-cliche romance story :sweat_smile:

I’ve got one idea but I don’t know if it’s ‘an interesting one’.

So… Basically, the story focuses on lives of two people - twins. A boy and a girl. They are students at college or university (because high school stories are so cliche lol). Both of them are looking for love, not in the ‘I want a bf/gf right now’ way. They are just waiting for the ‘right one’ while struggling with the problems of adult world.

It could be partly a comedy too. For example, their father wants them to finish college/university and find a good job, become responsible and independent. However, their mother with her neighbour friends is trying to find them dates. She could say things like 'I’m not getting any younger…" or “I want to see my grandchildren before I pass away…” (and respond "Mum, you are not even 50 yet…)

What do you think?

I actually love that idea. Thank you. I will remember to credit you if I use this idea. Thanks

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And i agree, its hard to come up with a non-cliche idea. Lol i was struggling with that

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I struggle when it comes to romance :joy:
I enjoy other, more or less fictional genres like fantasy or horror (and can’t resist a good comedy lol).

And nowadays, people can find cliche in almost every story published on Episode so even if you try hard to avoid them, you probably end up using some. :sweat_smile:
They’re not a big problem if the story is unique, at least in my opinion. As long as you avoid stuff like gangs, sudden pregnancy, bad boys and teacher-student relationships, you’re fine

I was going to do it myself, but a version of The Bachelor but it takes place in space or with fictional creatures/beings. It could be a rom-com type of thing. I haven’t seen that many stories making fun of or taking place in reality shows.

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A woman is about to marry the love of her life and he doesn’t turn up to their wedding, so she runs through a city in her wedding dress - mascara running down her face, until she finally finds a bar, she drinks away her sorrows and catches her eye on someone there?

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This sound interesting, definitely something i would read

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