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Hello lovelies :slight_smile:

I have a published story where at the moment, I am beginning to introduce the bullying aspects experienced by a character into the story line (Sorry if you’re reading my story, kind of a spoiler!). I currently have most of the chapter already written; however, I have decided to amend some of the bullying flashback scenes.

I was wondering if there is anyone that wouldn’t mind sharing some of their experiences or some of the things they’ve witnessed? My story focuses on the power of words and shows the impact they have on the person being bullied, so I specifically require verbal bullying rather than physical.

If anyone would rather share their experiences privately, you are welcome to private message me.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me :heart:

Thank you!


My “friends” used to call me ugly names when they got mad at me and still 12 years later I struggle with the feeling that I really am ugly and fat… it’s sucks when you get bullied but worst when it’s your suppose to be friends… you feel like you have nobody to talk to… and it makes it hard for you to trust people


Thank you for sharing that with me :heart: I can’t imagine how awful that must have been.

Do you still struggle to trust people?


I used to get bullied because I was a shy kid. I was eager to make friends, with people. But sadly, the wrong people. Since I was so eager and naive to make friends, I was their minion until I did something and people got the wrong idea of me, thinking I’m something I’m not. People bullied me over a lie and a rumor that ruined my reputation causing people to bully me.


I stil deal with the struggle of self esteem issues all the time… it make you not want to be around anyone… I also now have social anxiety… so the struggle is real… and it’s one of those things that never goes away… bullying with words will always stick with the person being bullied… it happened in middle and high school to me…


Yes… I do… I struggle just to talk to people now a days


Also, my so called friends used me. My mom would come up to the school and buy me some MacDonald’s and leave after five minutes. They would say “If you don’t give some of that food we’re not going to be friends anymore” they manipulated me, and made me feel horrible because they would still call me names.


Sorry girl… it gets less painful over time… but you will still have your bad days… sorry you had to go through that…


I’m so sorry that happened!

Emotional blackmail is a powerful thing that I think people overlook the impact it can have. Do you find making friends is more difficult now in fear of it happening again?


Thanks but sometimes, I’m glad I have those experiences so I can learn from them. I’m not naive anymore- well not heavily, but I can see who’s using me and who’s not. Keeping myself safe.


I’m really sorry if I’ve dragged up any old memories and feelings for you!

I hope life is better for you now, school can be an incredibly cruel place.


It was… it’s ok… I can talk about now… I haven talk really ever takes to nyone because I’m the type that holds everything in…


Eh. I’m kind of a charmer (not to brag). My nana made me change schools and I met plenty of better people. Don’t get me wrong, I still cross bullies stuff like that. But I know how to keep myself safe.


I’m not sure if this will help you at all but as someone who suffers with severe social anxiety, have you tried writing everything down in a notepad? Sometimes it gives the relief of everything being out in the open and no longer a burden.


Your Nana is a smart lady! I’m glad you know how to keep yourself safe, that’s the best outcome of an awful situation.


I do try to write down when I’m the mood… I also have depression and regular anxiety disorder too… so a lot of the time I don’t feel like writing down… but I do try… thanks :grin:


Thank you, so much. Maybe your character is emotionally bullied by her “friends” and is being manipulated.


It would be interesting because not many writers use the bully technique in that way.


The character being bullied at the moment is actually a male and he was bullied for being mute for a period of time. (The bully is trying to get him to talk).I won’t reveal why he was mute until later in the story but also later in the story the MC reveals being previously bullied and by so called ‘friends’.


Unknowingly too, she had no idea she was being bullied until someone mentioned it.