Strange thing here

when i type something between



episode 1

It showes nothing in between…i never had that problem.

it goes directly to episode 1

you have to add NARRATOR

What do you mean. then will it be the narrator talks and not me as author…

What you want to do?

just what i did in the beginning of my story and then my script was:


    ZOEKEZOEF (talk_excited)
Hey there and welcome to my story.
    ZOEKEZOEF (talk_arms_crossed_loop)
My real name is Anneke, this is my first story.
    ZOEKEZOEF (talk_airquotes)
For updates follow me on Instagram: zoekezoef-episode...
    ZOEKEZOEF (talk_happy_agree)
I am a new writer so so i asked help from an other writer serenity.
So she is going to write it with me. Thanks dear....
    ZOEKEZOEF (talk_happy_agree)
You can follow her on serenityanne.episode
    ZOEKEZOEF (cheer_loop)
Credit for the character-customization goes to
Dara.Amarie follow here on instagram.
    ZOEKEZOEF (arms_crossed)
So please let's get to the story.

@ZOEKEZOEF exits left

@pause for a beat

and i have copied and pasted the script, only changed the things she sayd and it goes direct to episode 1.


you want this

NO … i want te text in between too


    L'ets get further with the story.

Episode 1

look at my first screenshot

sorry i don’t understand

Do you want " Episode 1 " in speech bubble?
If yes , do like @Efee.N said —>
Episode 1
…or if you don’t want this , can you explain again?
Or did you find how to do that what you want to do?

sorry you don’t understand me, it is not your fould, it is my bad english :sleepy:

Hey , mine is bad too😅 ,
Can you repeat what you wanted to say?

If you are comfortable in Hindi , we can talk in that
Other than that , I don’t know other languages :sweat:

no Hindi i don’t talk lol

lol , wait what even lol means???:thinking::sweat_smile:

Why? Brief plz

don’t understand you no …

LOL is a shorter for: 1. “laughing out loud”

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:joy: wow , that’s why I didn’t even get a word when my friends talks in shortforms​:sweat_smile:
Silly me😫

lol :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

brb do you know that?