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That worked! Thank you so much.

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Is it possible use gains twice?
for example in a choice I use a gain to remember it and then in the scene I want to use the gain I use it and then use it again in another scene?

And also is it possible in a choice with gains used them in another chapter and not in the chapter I put it?
(Let’s say in chapter 3 I put a choice “black” or “white” I use the gains for the two options and then end the chapter , and in chapter 4 I want to remember which option the reader chose. Is it possible?) :thinking:
(lol, hope whoever answer can understand what I’m trying to say :joy:)

Yes, you can use the gain how many times you want, and you can use it through your whole story.

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thank you so much :blush:

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I have a question that involves the usernames on the app and all, what if we had a current username and we published a story and I wanted to changed my username but I have a story published and all. Can I change my username still, or will it stay the same forever since I published a story?
(Sorry, if this is kinda stupid)

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You can change it in the More Options sections of the writers portal.


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Thank you @Purple_Ghost , I wasn’t sure.

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I was wondering what the code was to make the screen shake. Like if a character were to fall, the screen would shake.

Here’s the link:


So I’m writing a story and I wanna give the reader an option if they wanna date girls, or guys. Is there any script template for this? How do I write the story with the reader’s preferred gender they want to date?

Who do you want to date?
gain date_girls
gain date_boys

when you want to bring that up

if (date_girls) {
#scenes if someone picked to date girls
} else {
#scenes is someone picked to date boys

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Thanks! This helped a lot! :heart:

Hi again !
I am trying to make MC do an action then another character say something but the MC not move and then think without changing positions I’ve seen other people do it but idk how too

I am sorry if its confusing

You want your MC to be remain frozen on the spot and think without doing any animation at all?
Okay, so I think this might help you:

@CHARACTER starts startled_surprised
@pause for a beat

Oh my God!

All you have to do is to make your MC do an animation, then have them talk without an animation next to their name (shown above) and they will remain frozen until you add an animation command.
I really hope that this is what you needed.

Try it with & instead of @ :slight_smile:

@Apes @AndreaH
Thank you !!!
It’s exactly what I needed !!!

Glad we were able to help! :grin:

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Hello! So I see it on some stories that the males have like 2 bodies one is the regular and the other is like all strong and muscular Idk if you’ve seen it too but if you know what I’m talking about and if you know how to do it then, pls tell me.
Thank you! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

The other body is extremely glitchy (it may break your story) also, the command for this body it’s not working anymore.

Hey…I need help with looping…I cant seem to figure out how to loop a background ONLY without a character…can you help?