Submit your CHARACTER for my first story 'Dyed to Die'!

Hello readers!! I’m Melena “it isn’t my real name” and I’m from Spain, so my english isn’t perfect, and I decided to make my own story to express myself!
I started this topic because I want characters for my story, as making them takes me a lot of time. Finally, I thought that including characters from the community would be a good idea.

My new story is called “Dyed to Die”, that is a story which mixes comedy and romance. The MC is a girl called Penny, who accidentally gets dyed by a hair color created by Tyler Ricci (one of Penny’s classmate and a very good student, and the ONLY LOVE INTEREST) but the hair color forces people to tell always the truth (only the people who has the dye). What will happen in the future? Will everything be ok? Maybe ends everything good…

CC: Limited


Small Cover

Here’s a Google Forms I made so everyone have the possibility to participate without making any file to submit HERE!

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I will announce the ones I like the most when I had time because I had A LOT OF HOMEWORK to do, also including more information about the use I’ll give to the characters (that I will give credits to all of the chosen ones, and how will be them in the story…).
The ones I won’t choose for this story, don’t worry because I’ll book them for some future stories I want to write, I don’t want to discard anyone, I think everyone needs an opportunity.

Thanks!!! :wave: :wave: :wave:


Can I post the deets here?

Of course you can!!

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Here ya go

Here you are you can use my mcs for my upcoming first story called ’ Problems’

Here are my details