:lol: Taking Episode Edits! (FREE, Closed for now - 1/2)

im trying girl but ur killing me here

hey siri play Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)
Song by Usher


:face_with_peeking_eye: hehe dw it will be announced soon :speak_no_evil:

:dancer:t4: :dancer:t4:


I also seen a mistake when looking at the photo:

It’s not that noticeable, I didn’t notice it at first for like 20 minutes but when I focused on finding imperfection that’s when I spotted it.
just make sure your overlays or stickers are aligned at wherever they’re supposed to be next time because they will look rushed if not!


It was actually intentional, but I’ll keep that in mind 'cause now that I saw it again, it does look a little off.

Should I not outline it 'cause I’ve seen people done it and it looked nice to me. but yeah I guess I shouldn’t use it with a background, right ?

I did add a few filters but at a very low opacity :sweat_smile:

Ah, I noticed it just now, thank you so much :sob:

I used to use remove.bg but it often gave me very low quality images after removing the backgrounds. So i use the adobe bg remover and it doesn’t have an option to restore deleted part/change background color.

I did the layering, maybe i couldn’t notice it but doesn’t it look like her arms are on the table tho?

I don’t understand, that’s what I did in the edit? :sob:

These very very very helpful thanks a ton for helping me out, i appreciate your effort very much :heart:

Yeah my bad, i don’t know how I didn’t see that :woman_facepalming:t2:

Thanks a ton for you help :heart:


No no ! In the tutorial I had written something wrong and wanted to correct myself! It was because of this:

So I thought you didn’t use layers for the table!

They do, dont worry! I just added that part about the limbs for other editors to know aswell,who come onto this thread!

I agree! I used it as an example. You can go to Picsart or any editing app and just put a plain coloured background (preferably something neon to easily spot the mistakes) , if there are any errors regarding missing parts, I think the best option is to try to draw them, or cut out the certain bit that is missing from a different photo of the same character/edit and just put it on. Like this:

If you can, try finding a background remover which does let you restore parts, and let you have good quality because that would save ALOT of time instead of doing what I sent

It honestly depends, in a dark setting a neon-like border outline looks badass. But in background with normal lighting like yours, I think having just a shadow, or a really faint border is cool for light backgrounds, especially with some sunlight overlays, like this

I think borders shouldn’t be too big , and too small. Your border is fine tbh but I think because of the hair it looks a little weird. You can play around with the thickness of your outline until you’re satisfied,
I’ve tried making your outline a little thicker and added some shadows since you intentionally wanted it to stand out and I’ve added some shadows and edited her a little bit

Btw, I’m not sure if I asked this before, but what editing apps do you use?
This is for when ever you ask me something about editing I can explain it using your editing apps , because what I use to edit may not be the same for you which doesn’t really help you.


Yeah, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Ooh alright, got it. The edit looks very cool btw.

I can’t pay for anything so I use Pixlr editor Can I ask what apps do you use?

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I just use Picsart and ibis paint x which is my holy grail.
I’ve never heard of Pixlr surprisingly but I’ve checked it and that stuff looks like some professional stuff I can’t do…
A lot of what I do in Picsart does need a subscription but I like using it to remove my backgrounds (which needs subscription) so I’m not sure you’d wanna use it.
But it’s very good for finding photos you wanna add to your edit, and smoothing out the body parts and face, even changing eye colour is possible.
There’s a bunch of images in ‘stickers’ you can find to put on your edit like the sunlight overlays I used for my example, and the background is AI generated from Picsart AI.
I think it’s really useful all in one app because I don’t like making a hassle going back and fourth with apps to edit my things

Hey @CherryPicked , I was just wondering if there was an opening for me? I tried looking through the chat but I couldn’t tell lol

Hiii, I love your edits! I would love to get one if you’re still up for it :sparkling_heart:

@MysteryWriter22 @Ela.stories Both slots are now open! Feel free to request your edit.


Hey! You edits look pretty amazing, do you have Instagram? or any other platforms where I can message you? I’m in the same situation where my story isn’t out yet :sweat_smile: :face_with_peeking_eye:

You can PM me here :slight_smile:I have an Instagram account but I don’t use it very often. However, if you are active on Instagram, you can send it there.

Character Details

Female generic body neutral 04
Arched thin brow deep brown
Short wavy ombre hair pastel blue
round medium eyes grey cool
Heart soft face
grecian soft nose
full round flat top skin lips pink beige matte

Outfit Details

Double Ankle Chain Crystal Heels Polyester Gold
Bell Sleeve Waist Tied Romper Cotton Complex Color (Pink Coral)
Beach Bonfire Bracelet Leather Brown
Cross Necklace Metal Silver
Cat Eyed Round Glasses Metalblack

Pose Reference

Basically I just want the character drinking a cup of tea, however you wanna manipulate it that’s fine.


It’s not letting me upload any pictures, but a warm cozy living room or bedroom

Title of the story
No title yet, still finalizing it, I wanted to use this for my profile picture and as a splash in my story, so something that says thanks for reading.
Any other requests?
Not right now, thank you!

Can you choose something from the portal catalogue? I can download it from there.

Tysm, I’ll pm you in a few! :black_heart:

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hiii! i love ur edits!!! i’m gonna PM you the details so there is no spoilers lol :blob_hearts:

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@skye.episodes @Saturn_0 Of course! However, I’ll need to add you to the waiting list as I can only accommodate 2 at a time. Please send me the details via PM, and I will respond once I have completed the ones ahead of you.


Hey! Id like for you to edit something for me aswell :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Im willing to be on the waiting list!
But if someone else wants to be edited and is on the waiting list, do them first because im sure they need it more than i do :slight_smile:

omg please send your details!

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Of course! Ill PM you

@CherryPicked is it okay to PM you later ? Im playing fortnite rn…

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